About Us

Handmade clothings and t-shirts

My clothes are very special to me and I hope to be very special to you too!

My items are packaged in a very special way. The handmade packaging is suitable for gifts that will make an impression. I keep my clients to be satisfied with both of my products and the way that gets to them.

EUGORIA shop ♥

EugoriaShop.com is a website for handmade designer clothes.The women models and the incredible T-Shirts can make you feel special and different.It’s important for all of us to be one of a kind, to feel different from the people around as so we can show our identity.

For all of my clients it would be useful to know that our internet shop Eugoria can be found in different internet malls around the world.

The newest one , in which you can find us is in http://www.cargoh.com , one incredible opportunity to spread our presence.

This way our clients will have to opportunity to find us wherever they are in the web.

Other places in which you can find us are already familiar to many of you – http://www.chictopia.com  http://en.dawnda.com

Incredible collection of fashion t-shirts  you can find in these enormous internet shops which have found a place for EugoriaShop as well –  https://www.zibbet.com,  https://www.misi.co.uk

We will keep growing , and searching for even newer places to shine. Soon we are going open a shop in http://www.bonanza.com

We from EugoriaShop glad that we are able to impose ourselves amongst the fashion auditory of designers and that we are found interesting by most of you.