Privacy Policy

EUGORIAshop is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and will not disclose any information except those who are involved in the fulfilment of your order,
including the process of arranging item(s) being sent to you. We will do everything necessary to ensure you have peace of mind in knowing that your information is kept private.


If you choose to register with EUGORIAshop the following information will be maintained (Optional) –
First Name
Last Name
Postal Address
Email Address
Mobile Number (so you can receive a free delivery text message the night before your order is delivered)
Telephone Number

Details of the payment method We only collect this information to fulfil your orders. Email addresses and telephone numbers collected allow us to contact you urgently
if there is a problem with your order. Your information is provided to our courier so they can deliver your order.


By registering with or becoming a customer of EUGORIAshop and by providing us with your email address, phone number and postal address you consent to receive communication
in relation to our products, services and special offers that you may be interested in. This will usually be in the form of a newsletter.
You can opt out of this by unsubscribing through the email itself by clicking on the unsubscribe link on the footer of each of our e-mails or by logging
into your EUGORIAshop account and making the necessary changes.


Cookies are small pieces of information which track what items you have looked at previously so we can bring them to your attention at a later date
and also allow us to keep items in your shopping cart which you can select and then return to purchase at a later date.
The cookies are stored on your hard drive and will not harm to your computer. If you wish you can change your own computer’s settings or firewall to disable cookies.
You will be able to use most of the features when these are disabled such as the shopping cart and purchasing items.


EUGORIAshop takes security of your personal details very seriously. This information is stored securely on a dedicated server, which
we believe to be well protected and in a secure environment.


User names and passwords are provided to you only, as a customer of EUGORIAshop. This allows you to access personal information that
we are holding on your account. You are able to update, delete and amend this information. The account allows you to access this feature.


We will not pass any of your personal information onto any 3rd party unless necessary to complete the fulfilment of you order,
such as the courier company used to deliver the goods to you.


By becoming a member of EUGORIAshop you consent to the collection and the use by EUGORIAshop in the methods previously outlined.


We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and consumer legislation to ensure that your personal information is not misused in any way. Please feel free to contact EUGORIAshop at the address available on our contact page via our Data Protection Manager for the purpose of Data Protection Act 1998.
You have the right to access information which EUGORIAshop holds about you and your right of access can be exercised in accordance with the Act.
We are always pleased to get feedback from customers, even when negative. We want all our customers to be completely happy with the customer service they receive,
so please do tell us if we could do something better.


TEL: +359 888 705 343